[Libwebsockets] lwsws without libwebsockets-test-server

Roman Nikiforov roman at nikiforoff.de
Tue Oct 20 11:26:34 CEST 2020

Hi Andy,
I'm using your great lwsws server and have the following question:
path to plugins of lws test server are hardcoded in main.c:82 of lwsws, so
if I remove test server directory
/usr/local/share/libwebsockets-test-server and its config
/ets/lwsws/test-server, then put my config inside /ets/lwsws and server dir
into /usr/local/share, then point to plugins in /etc/lwsws/conf using
"plugin-dir": "/usr/local/share/libwebsockets-jasca-server/plugins" I get
my plugins loaded. But the problem is I cannot avoid error message because
of missing plugins libwebsockets-test-server directory:
lwsws libwebsockets web server - license CC0 + MIT
(C) Copyright 2010-2020 Andy Green <andy at warmcat.com>
Using config dir: "/etc/lwsws"
LWS: 4.1.99-v4.1.0-69-ged1e558e, loglevel 2047
NET CLI SRV H1 H2 WS IPv6-absent
Scandir on '/usr/local/share/libwebsockets-test-server/plugins/' failed,
errno 2
 Using foreign event loop...

CMakeLists-implied-options.txt. Is LWS_WITH_PLUGINS required to use plugins
in lwsws or is it LWS_WITH_PLUGINS_API?

Kind regards,
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