[Libwebsockets] Which release will contain TLS session cache and reuse feature?

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Thu Apr 15 14:19:40 CEST 2021

On 4/15/21 8:37 AM, Catalin Raceanu wrote:
> Hello,
> One of the recent features added to LWS was about caching, reusing, and 
> persistent saving of TLS sessions. Currently they are not included in 
> branch v4.2-rc1-stable. I'd like to ask if there is a time frame for a 
> future version that will include them.

There will very shortly be a v4.2 release that includes that stuff.

> On a different approach, if I'll back-port them to 4.1-stable, what is 
> the recommended way for that? If I provide a patch for that branch, will 
> it be applied? Or should I maintain the patch locally and apply it on 
> top of 4.1-stable when the sources are fetched?

There's a doc that explains the considerations


Basically if it doesn't change the abi, it can be considered for 
backporting.  Those patches add some extra public apis, although it's 
all FOSS and you can do what makes sense for you on your side, we 
wouldn't backport them to v4.1 due to that.

But there will be a v4.2 based off main a couple of days ago, maybe as 
soon as today, along with a v4.2-stable that contains whatever was done 
in the last days that doesn't change the abi.


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