[Libwebsockets] ✮ v4.2.0 released ✮

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Thu Apr 15 21:01:49 CEST 2021

Thanks to everyone who contributed.


 From the changelog, since v4.1:

  - Sai coverage upgrades, 495 builds on 27 platforms, including OSX M1,
    Xenial, Bionic and Focal Ubuntu, Debian Sid and Buster on both 32 and
    64-bit OS, and NetBSD, Solaris, FreeBSD, Windows, ESP32.
    Ctest run on more scenarios including all LWS_WITH_DISTRO_RECOMMENDED.
    More tests use valgrind if available on platform.

  - RFC7231 date and time parsing and retry-after wired up to lws_retry

  - `LWS_WITH_SUL_DEBUGGING` checks that no sul belonging to Secure Streams
    and wsi objects are left registered on destruction

  - Netlink monitoring on Linux dynamically tracks interface address and
    routing changes, and immediately closes connections on invalidated

  - RFC6724 DNS results sorting over ipv4 + ipv6 results, according to
    available dynamic route information

  - Support new event library, sdevent (systemd native loop), via

  - Reduce .rodata cost of role structs by making them sparse

  - Additional Secure Streams QA tests and runtime state transition

  - SMD-over-ss-proxy documentation and helpers to simplify forwarding

  - SSPC stream buffering at proxy and client set from policy by streamtype

  - Trigger Captive Portal Detection if DNS resolution fails

  - Switch all logs related to wsi and Secure Streams to use unique,
    descriptive tags instead of pointers (which may be reallocated)

  - Use NOITCE logging for Secure Streams and wsi lifecycle logging using

  - Update SSPC serialization to include versioning on initial handshake,
    and pass client pid to proxy so related objects are tagged with it

  - Enable errors on -Wconversion pedantic type-related build issues
    throughout the lws sources and upgrade every affected cast.

  - Windows remove WSA event implementation and replace with WSAPoll, with
    a pair of UDP sockets instead of pipe() for `lws_cancel_service()`

  - `lws_strcmp_wildcard()` helper that understand "x*", "x*y", "x*y*" etc

  - `LWS_WITH_PLUGINS_BUILTIN` cmake option just builds plugins into the 
  library image directly

  - Secure Streams proxy supports policy for flow control between proxy and

  - libressl also supported along with boringssl, wolfssl

  - prepared for openssl v3 compatibility, for main function and GENCRYPTO

  - Fault injection apis can confirm operation of 48 error paths and 

  - `LWS_WITH_SYS_METRICS` keeps stats and reports them to user-defined
  function, compatible with openmetrics

  - windows platform knows how to prepare openssl with system trust 
store certs

  - `LWS_WITH_SYS_CONMON` allows selected client connections to make precise
  measurements of connection performance and DNS results, and report 
them in a struct

  - New native support for uloop event loop (OpenWRT loop)

  - More options around JWT

  - Support TLS session caching and reuse by default, on both OpenSSL and

  - Many fixes and improvements...


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