[Libwebsockets] TLS session cache and reuse, lws_tls_session_new_cb() not executed by BoringSSL

Catalin Raceanu cra at mega.nz
Wed Apr 28 17:25:46 CEST 2021

On 27.04.2021 22:09, andy at warmcat.com wrote:
> that would also be improved if there was common code supporting a new lws sul in the cache entry struct, scheduled by handshake completion for eg +500ms, basically it's the stand-in for the async cb neither mbedtls nor boringssl provided.  I am not at my pc but IIRC we can query the SESSION from the SSL

I've opened PR-2285 <https://github.com/warmcat/libwebsockets/pull/2285> 
with a smaller change, because even though I think I correctly used the 
`sul` schedule, I could not find a way to get the `SSL` from the 
`SESSION` (only the latter is kept in a member of the tls structure).

The PR only adds a synthetic cb, used only with boringssl, which so far 
reported the received session as "resumable" every time. It can also be 
improved later if it will prove to be insufficient.



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