[Libwebsockets] prebuilt binaries for Windows x86 and x64

Manoj Bhatti manojkbhatti at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 06:33:51 CET 2021

Hello admins,

I am sending this email after a lot of googling and not finding any answer
to my question. I did not find a search option on the 'Libwebsockets

Are prebuilt binaries for Windows (or Linux) available for download? I have
seen a lot of postings regarding building libwebsockets, but I am not able
to find anything on downloading prebuilt binaries. I am looking for both
32bit and 64bit dlls for Windows.

Any help would be appreciated. If this is an often repeated question, then
my apologies, but please do mention the availability of prebuilt binaries
on your website.

Thanks. Best regards.

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