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Thanks so much for your answer!
This solved the problem!

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Do you finalize headers before you send the content via lws_write?
See -> lws_finalize_write_http_header(wsi, headers + LWS_PRE, &p, end)


W dniu 30.06.2021, śro o godzinie 10∶37 +0000, użytkownik Avigail Wilk napisał:

What is the right way to implement RestApi using lws with GET request?
As a response to a GET request I want to return the content of a file (and optionally editing the file’s content before sending it).

The way It’s implemented in my project is:
when I recognize the Get request in the callback function  (in case LWS_CALLBACK_HTTP) I read the file’s content, edit it if needed, and then write it using lws_write function and returning -1;
This worked with libwebsockets v2.0 but not with v4.2.0.
I thought that in v4.2.0 it might be a problem to call lws_write from  LWS_CALLBACK_HTTP,
so instead I used lws_callback_on_writable and in LWS_CALLBACK_HTTP_WRITEABLE I used lws_write. But this didn’t solve the problem.

I don’t want to use lws_serve_http_file because I want the option to return the content as a string and edit it.

Any idea of what I am doing wrong? Or what is the right way to achieve this?

Many thanks!

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