[Libwebsockets] POST messages callbacks

mbargauan at comm5g.com mbargauan at comm5g.com
Wed Mar 3 09:18:13 CET 2021

   I am using version 4.1 and I need to process POST message attached.

   While in provided demo programs I see LWS_CALLBACK_HTTP_BODY + LWS_CALLBACK_HTTP_BODY_COMPLETION reason callbacks when receiving POST message, with my POST message I do not get callbacks with these reason.

   Decode URI is only / while should be /?event=up - as if ? is considered invalid part of URI.

   Another difference is in content type.

   Obviously incoming POST come from other applications I cannot discuss.

   I found no hints in archive of last 5 years.

   Question 1 : which conditions trigger these callbacks?

   Question 2 : what is your suggestion to solve such a problem?

   Thanks to all

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