[Libwebsockets] io_uring support

andy at warmcat.com andy at warmcat.com
Fri May 14 01:20:39 CEST 2021

On May 13, 2021 10:55:53 PM UTC, sas spss <sas2016spss at gmail.com> wrote:
>Does libwebsocket support io_uring already ? If yes, is there any
>performance comparison data by using the mini http or websocket server
>examples? Thanks.

Lws supports a variety of event loop libraries, libuv, libev, libevent, glib, sdevent, and uloop.  Some of these support a big variety of backends, selectable from the event lib api, including io_uring.  Lws only provides a default built-in loop for if you're not using an event loop library.

Using an event lib is recommended since it can choose the best backend per-platform without any change to lws or user code, and leaves lws able to interoperate seamlessly with other projects using the same event lib.

You can use the event lib examples to test whatever 'performance' means to you.



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