[Libwebsockets] Help wanted: V4L2 / mp4 / h.264

Rémi COHEN-SCALI ... remi at cohenscali.net
Fri May 14 14:25:25 CEST 2021

Hi guys

Wanted to know if you found someone for helping on H.264/mp4 container 
support for your lib.

I worked 8 years for Nagravision (CAS vendor: this is the Conditional 
Access System part of the MPEG spec, that is not specified by MPEG ... 
lol), mostly for the embedded part and I had to cope with many mpeg 
specs including iso container and video/audio codecs (h264, hevc, aac). 
I developed or made specs for some very different things as real time 
video watermaking, secured stream deciphering in Android or chrome with 
nagra drm, smart cards security ... I have a pretty good knowledge of 
ISO BMFF container (ISO/IEC 14496-3), MP4 file format (ISO/IEC 
14496-14), AVC (h264: ISO/IEC 14496-15), HEIF (jpg2000) and HEVC (h265).

However I'm very interested in your project. It is really a very nice 
work. Then I'd be very happy to help, if I can. I'll have a look at your 
docs and will try to understand your proposal around isobmff. I someone 
is already looking at this perhaps I can help is some way (and ask him 
questions). If not, if you don't mind, I'll send my question to this list.

Then I will certainly be back here, seeking for answers :)

Thanks guys... and keep up good work !



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