[Libwebsockets] lws_is_first_fragment() not working?

andy at warmcat.com andy at warmcat.com
Sat May 22 05:15:21 CEST 2021

On May 21, 2021 8:27:01 PM UTC, Gregory Kip <gkip at permusoft.com> wrote:
>Hi Andy,
>I have a client running v2.something. I’m not seeing any packets come
>in for which lws_is_first_fragment() returns a true/1. And all packets
>seem to be indicated as lws_is_final_fragment() == true/1.
>If the entire websocket packet is contained in the char *in of a given
>LWS_CALLBACK_CLIENT_RECEIVE, shouldn’t both first and final be
>indicated? Or perhaps I’m doing something wrong…

No it sounds broken on whatever you're using.  But whatever you're using is 5 years old, and this was fixed on that kind of timescale.

>Any advice?

Update lws, in addition to this working, I'll care about bugs on main and last stable, currently v4.2.

It sounds from the inexact lws version you don't follow the -stable branch for your release either, that's something since v1.5 that's another opportunity to get fixes that are found in the months after the release, without introducing new features or api changes.

There's an explanation of this here



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