[Libwebsockets] lws_hdr_copy WSI_TOKEN_HTTP_URI_ARGS allways issues error.

Søren Holm sgh at sgh.dk
Thu Nov 11 09:55:44 CET 2021

Calling lws_hdr_copy with token set to WSI_TOKEN_HTTP_URI_ARGS always issues 
an error log. 

Looking a the source code (parsers.c  lws_hdr_copy) this happenens.

    n = wsi->http.ah->frag_index[h];
        lwsl_err("%s: WSI_TOKEN_HTTP_URI_ARGS start frag %d\n",
                __func__, n);

Why is that? it does not seem to me like this should be an error.

Søren Holm

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