Click Here to have the test server send a big picture by http.
Websocket connection not initialized dumb increment-protocol
The incrementing number is coming from the server at 20Hz and is individual for each connection to the server... try opening a second browser window.

The button sends a message over the websocket link to ask the server to zero just this connection's number.
Websocket connection not initialized lws-mirror-protocol
Use the mouse to draw on the canvas below -- all other browser windows open on this page see your drawing in realtime and you can see any of theirs as well.

The lws-mirror protocol doesn't interpret what is being sent to it, it just re-sends it to every other websocket it has a connection with using that protocol, including the guy who sent the packet.

libwebsockets-test-client joins in by spamming circles on to this shared canvas when run.
Drawing color:
Websocket connection not initialized Open and close testing
To help with open and close testing, you can open and close a connection by hand using the buttons.
"Close" closes the connection from the browser with code 3000 and reason 'Bye!".
"Request Server Close" sends a message asking the server to initiate the close, which it does with code 1001 and reason "Seeya".
Websocket connection not initialized
Server Info
This information is sent by the server over a ws[s] link and updated live whenever the information changes server-side.
POST Form testing
This tests POST handling in lws.
FORM 1: send with urlencoded POST body args
Some text:
FORM 2: send with multipart/form-data
(can handle file upload, test limited to 100KB)
Some text:
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