Lightweight C library for HTML5 websockets
lws-bb-i2c.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  lws_bb_i2c


#define lws_bb_i2c_ops


typedef struct lws_bb_i2c lws_bb_i2c_t


int lws_bb_i2c_init (const lws_i2c_ops_t *octx)
int lws_bb_i2c_start (const lws_i2c_ops_t *octx)
void lws_bb_i2c_stop (const lws_i2c_ops_t *octx)
int lws_bb_i2c_write (const lws_i2c_ops_t *octx, uint8_t data)
int lws_bb_i2c_read (const lws_i2c_ops_t *octx)
void lws_bb_i2c_set_ack (const lws_i2c_ops_t *octx, int ack)

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ lws_bb_i2c_ops

#define lws_bb_i2c_ops
{ \
.init = lws_bb_i2c_init, \
.start = lws_bb_i2c_start, \
.stop = lws_bb_i2c_stop, \
.write = lws_bb_i2c_write, \
.read = lws_bb_i2c_read, \
.set_ack = lws_bb_i2c_set_ack, \
int lws_bb_i2c_init(const lws_i2c_ops_t *octx)
int lws_bb_i2c_write(const lws_i2c_ops_t *octx, uint8_t data)
void lws_bb_i2c_stop(const lws_i2c_ops_t *octx)
void lws_bb_i2c_set_ack(const lws_i2c_ops_t *octx, int ack)
int lws_bb_i2c_start(const lws_i2c_ops_t *octx)
int lws_bb_i2c_read(const lws_i2c_ops_t *octx)

Definition at line 40 of file lws-bb-i2c.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ lws_bb_i2c_t

typedef struct lws_bb_i2c lws_bb_i2c_t

Function Documentation

◆ lws_bb_i2c_init()

int lws_bb_i2c_init ( const lws_i2c_ops_t octx)

◆ lws_bb_i2c_start()

int lws_bb_i2c_start ( const lws_i2c_ops_t octx)

◆ lws_bb_i2c_stop()

void lws_bb_i2c_stop ( const lws_i2c_ops_t octx)

◆ lws_bb_i2c_write()

int lws_bb_i2c_write ( const lws_i2c_ops_t octx,
uint8_t  data 

◆ lws_bb_i2c_read()

int lws_bb_i2c_read ( const lws_i2c_ops_t octx)

◆ lws_bb_i2c_set_ack()

void lws_bb_i2c_set_ack ( const lws_i2c_ops_t octx,
int  ack