Lightweight C library for HTML5 websockets
lws-ili9341-spi.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  lws_display_ili9341


#define lws_display_ili9341_ops


typedef struct lws_display_ili9341 lws_display_ili9341_t


int lws_display_ili9341_spi_init (lws_display_state_t *lds)
int lws_display_ili9341_spi_blit (lws_display_state_t *lds, const uint8_t *src, lws_box_t *box, lws_dll2_owner_t *ids)
int lws_display_ili9341_spi_power (lws_display_state_t *lds, int state)

Data Structure Documentation

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struct lws_display_ili9341

Definition at line 29 of file lws-ili9341-spi.h.

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Data Fields
lws_display_t disp
const lws_spi_ops_t * spi
lws_display_completion_t cb
const lws_gpio_ops_t * gpio
_lws_plat_gpio_t reset_gpio
uint8_t spi_index

Macro Definition Documentation

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#define lws_display_ili9341_ops
int lws_display_ili9341_spi_power(lws_display_state_t *lds, int state)
int lws_display_ili9341_spi_blit(lws_display_state_t *lds, const uint8_t *src, lws_box_t *box, lws_dll2_owner_t *ids)
int lws_display_ili9341_spi_init(lws_display_state_t *lds)

Definition at line 50 of file lws-ili9341-spi.h.

Typedef Documentation

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Function Documentation

◆ lws_display_ili9341_spi_init()

int lws_display_ili9341_spi_init ( lws_display_state_t lds)

◆ lws_display_ili9341_spi_blit()

int lws_display_ili9341_spi_blit ( lws_display_state_t lds,
const uint8_t *  src,
lws_box_t box,
lws_dll2_owner_t ids 

◆ lws_display_ili9341_spi_power()

int lws_display_ili9341_spi_power ( lws_display_state_t lds,
int  state