Lightweight C library for HTML5 websockets
lws_log_cx Struct Reference

Data Fields

union {
   lws_log_emit_t   emit
   lws_log_emit_cx_t   emit_cx
lws_log_use_cx_t refcount_cb
lws_log_prepend_cx_t prepend
struct lws_log_cxparent
void * opaque
void * stg
uint32_t lll_flags
int32_t refcount

Field Documentation

◆ lll_flags

uint32_t lws_log_cx::lll_flags

mask of log levels we want to emit in this context

◆ opaque

void* lws_log_cx::opaque

ignored by lws, used to pass config to emit_cx, eg, filepath

◆ parent

struct lws_log_cx* lws_log_cx::parent

NULL, or points to log ctx we are a child of

◆ prepend

lws_log_prepend_cx_t lws_log_cx::prepend

NULL, or a cb to optionally prepend a string to logs we are a parent of

◆ refcount

int32_t lws_log_cx::refcount

refcount of objects bound to this log context

◆ refcount_cb

lws_log_use_cx_t lws_log_cx::refcount_cb

NULL, or a function called after each change to .refcount below, this enables implementing side-effects like opening and closing log files when the first and last object binds / unbinds

◆ stg

void* lws_log_cx::stg

ignored by lws, may be used a storage by refcount_cb / emit_cx

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