Lightweight C library for HTML5 websockets
lws_esp32 Struct Reference

Data Fields

char sta_ip [16]
char sta_mask [16]
char sta_gw [16]
char serial [16]
char opts [16]
char model [16]
char group [16]
char role [16]
char ssid [4][64]
char password [4][64]
char active_ssid [64]
char access_pw [16]
char hostname [32]
char mac [20]
char le_dns [64]
char le_email [64]
char region
char inet
char conn_ap
enum genled_state genled
uint64_t genled_t
lws_cb_scan_done scan_consumer
void * scan_consumer_arg
struct lws_group_memberfirst
int extant_group_members
char acme
char upload
volatile char button_is_down

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