Lightweight C library for HTML5 websockets
lws_ss_info Struct Reference

Data Fields

const char * streamtype
size_t user_alloc
size_t handle_offset
size_t opaque_user_data_offset
lws_sscb_rx rx
lws_sscb_tx tx
lws_sscb_state state
int manual_initial_tx_credit
uint32_t client_pid
uint8_t flags
uint8_t sss_protocol_version

Field Documentation

◆ client_pid

uint32_t lws_ss_info::client_pid

used in proxy / serialization case to hold the client pid this proxied connection is to be tagged with

◆ handle_offset

size_t lws_ss_info::handle_offset

offset of handle stg in user_alloc type, set to offsetof(mytype, my_handle_member)

◆ manual_initial_tx_credit

int lws_ss_info::manual_initial_tx_credit

0 = manage any tx credit automatically, nonzero explicitly sets the peer stream to have the given amount of tx credit, if the protocol can support it.

In the special case of _lws_smd streamtype, this is used to indicate the connection's rx class mask.

◆ opaque_user_data_offset

size_t lws_ss_info::opaque_user_data_offset

offset of opaque user data ptr in user_alloc type, set to offsetof(mytype, opaque_ud_member)

◆ rx

lws_sscb_rx lws_ss_info::rx

callback with rx payload for this stream

◆ sss_protocol_version

uint8_t lws_ss_info::sss_protocol_version

used in proxy / serialization case to hold the SS serialization protocol level to use with this peer... clients automatically request the most recent version they were built with (LWS_SSS_CLIENT_PROTOCOL_VERSION) and the proxy stores the requested version in here

◆ state

lws_sscb_state lws_ss_info::state

advisory cb about state of stream and QoS status if applicable... h_src is only used with sinks and LWSSSCS_SINK_JOIN/_PART events. Return nonzero to indicate you want to destroy the stream.

◆ streamtype

const char* lws_ss_info::streamtype

type of stream we want to create

◆ tx

lws_sscb_tx lws_ss_info::tx

callback to send payload on this stream... 0 = send as set in len and flags, 1 = do not send anything (ie, not even 0 len frame)

◆ user_alloc

size_t lws_ss_info::user_alloc

size of user allocation

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