Lightweight C library for HTML5 websockets
lws_adopt_desc Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct lws_vhost * vh
lws_adoption_type type
lws_sock_file_fd_type fd
const char * vh_prot_name
struct lws * parent
void * opaque
const char * fi_wsi_name

Field Documentation

◆ fd

lws_sock_file_fd_type lws_adopt_desc::fd

union with either .sockfd or .filefd set

◆ fi_wsi_name

const char* lws_adopt_desc::fi_wsi_name

NULL, or Fault Injection inheritence filter for wsi=string/ context faults

◆ opaque

void* lws_adopt_desc::opaque

opaque pointer to set on created wsi

◆ parent

struct lws* lws_adopt_desc::parent

NULL or struct lws to attach new_wsi to as a child

◆ type

lws_adoption_type lws_adopt_desc::type

OR-ed combinations of lws_adoption_type flags

◆ vh

struct lws_vhost* lws_adopt_desc::vh

vhost the wsi should belong to

◆ vh_prot_name

const char* lws_adopt_desc::vh_prot_name

NULL or vh protocol name to bind raw connection to

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