Lightweight C library for HTML5 websockets
lws_cgi_args Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct lws ** stdwsi
enum lws_enum_stdinouterr ch
unsigned char * data
enum lws_cgi_hdr_state hdr_state
int len

Field Documentation

◆ ch

enum lws_enum_stdinouterr lws_cgi_args::ch

channel index

◆ data

unsigned char* lws_cgi_args::data

for messages with payload

◆ hdr_state

enum lws_cgi_hdr_state lws_cgi_args::hdr_state

track where we are in cgi headers

◆ len

int lws_cgi_args::len


◆ stdwsi

struct lws** lws_cgi_args::stdwsi

get fd with lws_get_socket_fd()

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