Lightweight C library for HTML5 websockets
lws_display Struct Reference

Data Fields

int(* init )(const struct lws_display *disp)
const lws_pwm_ops_tbl_pwm_ops
int(* contrast )(const struct lws_display *disp, uint8_t contrast)
int(* blit )(const struct lws_display *disp, const uint8_t *src, lws_display_scalar x, lws_display_scalar y, lws_display_scalar w, lws_display_scalar h)
int(* power )(const struct lws_display *disp, int state)
const lws_led_sequence_def_tbl_active
const lws_led_sequence_def_tbl_dim
const lws_led_sequence_def_tbl_transition
void * variant
int bl_index
lws_display_scalar w
lws_display_scalar h
uint8_t latency_wake_ms

Field Documentation

◆ h

lws_display_scalar lws_display::h

display surface height in pixels

◆ latency_wake_ms

uint8_t lws_display::latency_wake_ms

ms required after wake from sleep before display usable again... delay bringing up the backlight for this amount of time on wake. This is managed via a sul on the event loop, not blocking.

◆ w

lws_display_scalar lws_display::w

display surface width in pixels

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