Lightweight C library for HTML5 websockets
lws_event_loop_ops Struct Reference

Data Fields

const char * name
int(* init_context )(struct lws_context *context, const struct lws_context_creation_info *info)
int(* destroy_context1 )(struct lws_context *context)
int(* destroy_context2 )(struct lws_context *context)
int(* init_vhost_listen_wsi )(struct lws *wsi)
int(* init_pt )(struct lws_context *context, void *_loop, int tsi)
int(* wsi_logical_close )(struct lws *wsi)
int(* check_client_connect_ok )(struct lws *wsi)
void(* close_handle_manually )(struct lws *wsi)
int(* sock_accept )(struct lws *wsi)
void(* io )(struct lws *wsi, unsigned int flags)
void(* run_pt )(struct lws_context *context, int tsi)
void(* destroy_pt )(struct lws_context *context, int tsi)
void(* destroy_wsi )(struct lws *wsi)
int(* foreign_thread )(struct lws_context *context, int tsi)
uint8_t flags
uint16_t evlib_size_ctx
uint16_t evlib_size_pt
uint16_t evlib_size_vh
uint16_t evlib_size_wsi

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