Lightweight C library for HTML5 websockets
lws_fop_fd Struct Reference

Data Fields

lws_filefd_type fd
const struct lws_plat_file_opsfops
void * filesystem_priv
lws_filepos_t pos
lws_filepos_t len
lws_fop_flags_t flags
uint32_t mod_time

Field Documentation

◆ fd

lws_filefd_type lws_fop_fd::fd

real file descriptor related to the file...

◆ filesystem_priv

void* lws_fop_fd::filesystem_priv

ignored by lws; owned by the fops handlers

◆ flags

lws_fop_flags_t lws_fop_fd::flags

copy of the returned flags

◆ fops

const struct lws_plat_file_ops* lws_fop_fd::fops

fops that apply to this fop_fd

◆ len

lws_filepos_t lws_fop_fd::len

generic "length of file"

◆ mod_time

uint32_t lws_fop_fd::mod_time

optional "modification time of file", only valid if .open() set the LWS_FOP_FLAG_MOD_TIME_VALID flag

◆ pos

lws_filepos_t lws_fop_fd::pos

generic "position in file"

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