Lightweight C library for HTML5 websockets
lws_jwt_sign_info Struct Reference

Data Fields

const char * alg
const char * jose_hdr
size_t jose_hdr_len
char * out
size_t * out_len
char * temp
int tl

Field Documentation

◆ alg

const char* lws_jwt_sign_info::alg

entry: signing alg name, like "RS256"

◆ jose_hdr

const char* lws_jwt_sign_info::jose_hdr

entry: optional JOSE hdr; if present, alg field is ignored; instead the whole claim object has to be provided in this parameter

◆ jose_hdr_len

size_t lws_jwt_sign_info::jose_hdr_len

entry: if jose_hdr is not NULL, JOSE header length without terminating '\0'

◆ out

char* lws_jwt_sign_info::out

exit: signed JWT in compact form

◆ out_len

size_t* lws_jwt_sign_info::out_len

entry,exit: buffer size of out; actual size of JWT on exit

◆ temp

char* lws_jwt_sign_info::temp

exit undefined content, used by the function as a temporary scratchpad; MUST be large enogh to store various intermediate representations

◆ tl

int lws_jwt_sign_info::tl

entry: size of temp buffer

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