Lightweight C library for HTML5 websockets
lws_led_gpio_map Struct Reference

Data Fields

const char * name
_lws_plat_gpio_t gpio
lws_led_lookup_t intensity_correction
const struct lws_pwm_opspwm_ops
uint8_t active_level

Field Documentation

◆ intensity_correction

lws_led_lookup_t lws_led_gpio_map::intensity_correction

May be NULL. If GPIO-based LED, ignored. If pwm_ops provided, NULL means use default CIE 100% correction function. If non-NULL, use the pointed-to correction function. This is useful to provide LED-specific intensity correction / scaling so different types of LED can "look the same".

◆ pwm_ops

const struct lws_pwm_ops* lws_led_gpio_map::pwm_ops

if NULL, gpio controls the led directly. If set to a pwm_ops, the led control is outsourced to the pwm controller.

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