Lightweight C library for HTML5 websockets
lws_metric_policy Struct Reference

#include <lws-secure-streams-policy.h>

Data Fields

const struct lws_metric_policynext
const char * name
const char * report
uint64_t us_schedule
uint32_t us_decay_unit
uint8_t min_contributors

Detailed Description

lws_ss_plugin_auth_t - api for an auth plugin

Auth plugins create and sequence authenticated connections that can carry one or more streams to an endpoint. That may involve other connections to other places to eg, gather authenticated tokens and then make the real connection using the tokens.

The secure stream object contains members to record which auth plugin the stream is bound to and an over-allocation of the secure stream object to contain the plugin auth private data.

The auth plugin controls the state of the stream connection via the status callback, and handles retries.

Network connections may require one kind of auth sequencing, and streams inside those connections another kind of auth sequencing depending on their role. So the secure stream object allows defining plugins for both kinds.

Streams may disappear at any time and require reauth to bring a new one up. The auth plugin sequencer will connect / reconnect either on demand, or from the start and after any connectivity loss if any stream using the connection has the LWSSSPOLF_NAILED_UP flag.

Field Documentation

◆ min_contributors

uint8_t lws_metric_policy::min_contributors

before we can judge something is an outlier

◆ report

const char* lws_metric_policy::report

the metrics policy name in the policy, used to bind to it

◆ us_decay_unit

uint32_t lws_metric_policy::us_decay_unit

how many us to decay avg by half, 0 = no decay

◆ us_schedule

uint64_t lws_metric_policy::us_schedule

us interval between lws_system metrics api reports

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