Lightweight C library for HTML5 websockets
lws_netdevs Struct Reference

Data Fields

lws_dll2_owner_t owner
lws_dll2_owner_t owner_creds
struct lwsac * ac_creds
lws_sockaddr46 sa46_dns_resolver
uint8_t refcount_creds

Field Documentation

◆ ac_creds

struct lwsac* lws_netdevs::ac_creds

lwsac holding retreived credentials settings, or NULL

◆ owner

lws_dll2_owner_t lws_netdevs::owner

list of netdevs / lws_netdev_instance_t -based objects

◆ owner_creds

lws_dll2_owner_t lws_netdevs::owner_creds

list of known credentials

◆ refcount_creds

uint8_t lws_netdevs::refcount_creds

when there are multiple netdevs, must refcount creds in mem

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