Lightweight C library for HTML5 websockets
lws_process_html_args Struct Reference

Data Fields

char * p
int len
int max_len
int final
int chunked

Field Documentation

◆ chunked

int lws_process_html_args::chunked

0 == unchunked, 1 == produce chunk headers (incompatible with HTTP/2)

◆ final

int lws_process_html_args::final

set if this is the last chunk of the file

◆ len

int lws_process_html_args::len

length of the original data at p

◆ max_len

int lws_process_html_args::max_len

maximum length we can grow the data to

◆ p

char* lws_process_html_args::p

pointer to the buffer containing the data

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