Lightweight C library for HTML5 websockets
lws_process_html_state Struct Reference

Data Fields

char * start
char swallow [16]
int pos
void * data
const char *const * vars
int count_vars
lws_process_html_state_cb replace

Field Documentation

◆ count_vars

int lws_process_html_state::count_vars

count of variable names

◆ data

void* lws_process_html_state::data

opaque pointer

◆ pos

int lws_process_html_state::pos

position in match

◆ replace

lws_process_html_state_cb lws_process_html_state::replace

called on match to perform substitution

◆ start

char* lws_process_html_state::start

pointer to start of match

◆ swallow

char lws_process_html_state::swallow[16]

matched character buffer

◆ vars

const char* const* lws_process_html_state::vars

list of variable names

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