Lightweight C library for HTML5 websockets

#include <lws-context-vhost.h>

Data Fields

const struct lws_protocol_vhost_optionsnext
const struct lws_protocol_vhost_optionsoptions
const char * name
const char * value

Detailed Description

struct lws_protocol_vhost_options - linked list of per-vhost protocol name=value options

This provides a general way to attach a linked-list of name=value pairs, which can also have an optional child link-list using the options member.

Field Documentation

◆ name

const char* lws_protocol_vhost_options::name

name of name=value pair

◆ next

const struct lws_protocol_vhost_options* lws_protocol_vhost_options::next

linked list

◆ options

const struct lws_protocol_vhost_options* lws_protocol_vhost_options::options

child linked-list of more options for this node

◆ value

const char* lws_protocol_vhost_options::value

value of name=value pair

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