Lightweight C library for HTML5 websockets
lws_threadpool_task_args Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct lws * wsi
void * user
const char * name
char async_task
enum lws_threadpool_task_return(* task )(void *user, enum lws_threadpool_task_status s)
void(* cleanup )(struct lws *wsi, void *user)

Field Documentation

◆ async_task

char lws_threadpool_task_args::async_task

set to allow the task to shrug off the loss of the associated wsi and continue to completion

◆ cleanup

void(* lws_threadpool_task_args::cleanup) (struct lws *wsi, void *user)

socket lifecycle may end while task is not stoppable, so the task must be able to detach from any wsi and clean itself up when it does stop. If NULL, no cleanup necessary, otherwise point to a user- supplied function that destroys the stuff in user.

wsi may be NULL on entry, indicating the task got detached due to the wsi closing before.

◆ name

const char* lws_threadpool_task_args::name

user may set to describe task

◆ task

enum lws_threadpool_task_return(* lws_threadpool_task_args::task) (void *user, enum lws_threadpool_task_status s)

user must set to actual task function

◆ user

void* lws_threadpool_task_args::user

user may set (user-private pointer)

◆ wsi

struct lws* lws_threadpool_task_args::wsi

either wsi or ss must be set

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