Lightweight C library for HTML5 websockets
lws_tokenize Struct Reference

Data Fields

const char * start
const char * token
size_t len
size_t token_len
uint16_t flags
uint8_t delim
int8_t e

Field Documentation

◆ e

int8_t lws_tokenize::e

convenient for storing lws_tokenize return

◆ flags

uint16_t lws_tokenize::flags

optional LWS_TOKENIZE_F_ flags, or 0

◆ len

size_t lws_tokenize::len

set to the length of the string to tokenize

◆ start

const char* lws_tokenize::start

set to the start of the string to tokenize

◆ token

const char* lws_tokenize::token

the start of an identified token or delimiter

◆ token_len

size_t lws_tokenize::token_len

the length of the identied token or delimiter

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