Lightweight C library for HTML5 websockets

#include <lws-context-vhost.h>

Data Fields

const struct lws_http_mountmount_next
const char * mountpoint
const char * origin
const char * def
const char * protocol
const struct lws_protocol_vhost_optionscgienv
const struct lws_protocol_vhost_optionsextra_mimetypes
const struct lws_protocol_vhost_optionsinterpret
int cgi_timeout
int cache_max_age
unsigned int auth_mask
unsigned int cache_reusable:1
unsigned int cache_revalidate:1
unsigned int cache_intermediaries:1
unsigned char origin_protocol
unsigned char mountpoint_len
const char * basic_auth_login_file

Detailed Description

struct lws_http_mount

arguments for mounting something in a vhost's url namespace

Field Documentation

◆ auth_mask

unsigned int lws_http_mount::auth_mask

bits set here must be set for authorized client session

◆ basic_auth_login_file

const char* lws_http_mount::basic_auth_login_file

NULL, or filepath to use to check basic auth logins against. (requires LWSAUTHM_DEFAULT)

◆ cache_intermediaries

unsigned int lws_http_mount::cache_intermediaries

set if intermediaries are allowed to cache

◆ cache_max_age

int lws_http_mount::cache_max_age

max-age for reuse of client cache of files, seconds

◆ cache_reusable

unsigned int lws_http_mount::cache_reusable

set if client cache may reuse this

◆ cache_revalidate

unsigned int lws_http_mount::cache_revalidate

set if client cache should revalidate on use

◆ cgi_timeout

int lws_http_mount::cgi_timeout

seconds cgi is allowed to live, if cgi://mount type

◆ cgienv

const struct lws_protocol_vhost_options* lws_http_mount::cgienv

optional linked-list of cgi options. These are created as environment variables for the cgi process

◆ def

const char* lws_http_mount::def

default target, eg, "index.html"

◆ extra_mimetypes

const struct lws_protocol_vhost_options* lws_http_mount::extra_mimetypes

optional linked-list of mimetype mappings

◆ interpret

const struct lws_protocol_vhost_options* lws_http_mount::interpret

optional linked-list of files to be interpreted

◆ mount_next

const struct lws_http_mount* lws_http_mount::mount_next

pointer to next struct lws_http_mount

◆ mountpoint

const char* lws_http_mount::mountpoint

mountpoint in http pathspace, eg, "/"

◆ mountpoint_len

unsigned char lws_http_mount::mountpoint_len

length of mountpoint string

◆ origin

const char* lws_http_mount::origin

path to be mounted, eg, "/var/www/"

◆ origin_protocol

unsigned char lws_http_mount::origin_protocol

one of enum lws_mount_protocols

◆ protocol

const char* lws_http_mount::protocol

"protocol-name" to handle mount

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