Lightweight C library for HTML5 websockets
lws_ss_policy Struct Reference

#include <lws-secure-streams-policy.h>

Data Fields

struct lws_ss_policynext
const char * streamtype
const char * endpoint
const char * rideshare_streamtype
const char * payload_fmt
const char * socks5_proxy
const lws_metric_policy_tmetrics
const lws_ss_auth_tauth
union {
union {
   const lws_ss_trust_store_t *   store
   struct {
      const lws_ss_x509_t *   cert
      const lws_ss_x509_t *   key
   }   server
const lws_retry_bo_tretry_bo
uint32_t proxy_buflen
uint32_t proxy_buflen_rxflow_on_above
uint32_t proxy_buflen_rxflow_off_below
uint32_t client_buflen
uint32_t client_buflen_rxflow_on_above
uint32_t client_buflen_rxflow_off_below
uint32_t timeout_ms
uint32_t flags
uint16_t port
uint8_t metadata_count
uint8_t protocol
uint8_t client_cert
uint8_t priority

Detailed Description

lws_ss_policy_t: policy database entry for a stream type

Decides the system policy for how to implement connections of name .streamtype.

Streams may need one kind of auth sequencing for the network connection and another kind of auth sequencing for the streams that are carried inside it, this is the purpose of .nauth and .sauth. Both are optional and may be NULL.

An array of these is set at context creation time, ending with one with a NULL streamtype.

Field Documentation

◆ cert

const lws_ss_x509_t* lws_ss_policy::cert

the server's signed cert with the pubkey

◆ client_buflen

uint32_t lws_ss_policy::client_buflen

max dsh alloc for client

◆ client_cert

uint8_t lws_ss_policy::client_cert

which client cert to apply 0 = none, 1+ = cc 0+

◆ endpoint

const char* lws_ss_policy::endpoint

DNS address to connect to

◆ flags

uint32_t lws_ss_policy::flags

stream attribute flags

◆ key

const lws_ss_x509_t* lws_ss_policy::key

the server's matching private key

◆ metadata_count

uint8_t lws_ss_policy::metadata_count

metadata count

◆ port

uint16_t lws_ss_policy::port

endpoint port

◆ protocol

uint8_t lws_ss_policy::protocol

protocol index

◆ proxy_buflen

uint32_t lws_ss_policy::proxy_buflen

max dsh alloc for proxy

◆ retry_bo

const lws_retry_bo_t* lws_ss_policy::retry_bo

retry policy to use

◆ rideshare_streamtype

const char* lws_ss_policy::rideshare_streamtype

optional transport on another, preexisting stream of this streamtype name

◆ store

const lws_ss_trust_store_t* lws_ss_policy::store

CA certs needed for conn validation, only set between policy parsing and vhost creation

◆ streamtype

const char* lws_ss_policy::streamtype

stream type lhs to match on

◆ timeout_ms

uint32_t lws_ss_policy::timeout_ms

default message response timeout in ms

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